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Sausage Casserole – seriously good comfort food

Sausage casserole is one of those meals you can make from store cupboard and freezer hoards.  Its quite an easy meal, just chuck it together and forget about it.  I’ve also made it loads of times in the slow cooker.  Come home to the beautiful welcoming flavours drifting through the air.. definitely one to try!    I made this for two people and I had two huge portions left for the freezer – so serves four then… Recipe 6 – 8 good quality butchers sausages 1 jar of Passata 1 large onion 1 handful of mushrooms 3 cloves of...

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Kedgeree its not just for breakfast!

Kedgeree is probably most thought of as a breakfast food but not in this house.  We have it as an evening meal and I pile up the ingredients to make it filling and satisfying.  It really is a wonderful meal and packed full of good ingredients. I make mine with home made stock or bone broth as it now seems to be called.  I can’t say enough about this super golden liquid.  It is full of nutrients and minerals to help keep our bodies strong.  I also use wholegrain rice for the healthy fibre and to keep me full...

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How to unravel yarn from a jumper. Recycle those sweaters!

Recycling or unraveling yarn from a jumper is so worth your time.  We are losing all these fabulous skills that were once a necessity and instead buying cheap mass produced fibres.  I am a lover of charity shops. Seriously its like Christmas day for me every time I walk through the doors. What will I find today? What can I use this for? Who will this fit? Ooh I love it!  Every so often I come across an old jumper that needs rescuing. Either it has a few holes, or maybe it was just the wrong yarn for the...

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My Circular Sock Knitting Machines or CSM

Circular sock knitting machines, or as some people call them CSM’s are a particular love of mine.  I first saw one many years ago at a knitting machine museum and knew it was something I needed in my life.  I am now the proud owner of a Golden Fleece, which is a more lightweight English machine and then I have my beautiful old Griswold machine. This machine must be over a hundred years old and had been stood silent for many years when I bought it. I cleaned and oiled it and it now it it turns so smooth...

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Healthy wholegrain banana and walnut bread

I made this wonderful banana bread in my Thermomix because its so easy to chop and beat up all the ingredients in one go but if you don’t have one that is fine too, just use your mixer or whatever you usually use to make your baking. I used to use my Kenwood Chef and just smoosh up the bananas with a fork.  We do try and eat healthily but when we go out on a bike ride we tend to stop at a coffee shop and buy a drink and a not very healthy cream cake. So I...

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