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Sprouting seeds to eat

Juice bars seem to be springing up everywhere and people are talking about the advantages of wheatgrass juice and sprouting seeds. As a person who mills my own flour, I always have a large supply of wheat grains in stock. Sprouting grains is incredibly easy to do and you do not need fancy and expensive machines so save your money and use an old container and your windowsill.

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The tenth of February

The tenth of February. I’ve been dreading this day for a long time as it would have been my darling daughter’s 21st birthday. Its our first birthday without her and I think the fact it was her 21st made it so much harder. She should have been just starting her adult life… but anyway i’ll tell you what we did instead.

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Guess who rang up today dear….

The 7th January 2008. Just an ordinary day. There I was happily talking to my friends on my favourite forums when up popped an email… from Channel 5! Now I’m just an ordinary person so my first thought was ‘Well I know my TV license is up to date’ I must have a guilty conscience!

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