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Blackberry jam making in May?

I fancied something yummy for my tea…. a nice scone with a good cup of tea! The only trouble is I’ve run out of jam. I made quite a lot but I always end up giving it away to friends and family and of course I use jam in gravies etc so it is used up quite quickly.

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Sprouting seeds to eat

Juice bars seem to be springing up everywhere and people are talking about the advantages of wheatgrass juice and sprouting seeds. As a person who mills my own flour, I always have a large supply of wheat grains in stock. Sprouting grains is incredibly easy to do and you do not need fancy and expensive machines so save your money and use an old container and your windowsill.

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Sausage making

For breakfast on a weekend we always have some sort of fried food. Sometimes a huge fry up, other times a nice sausage butty with freshly made breadcakes (cobs, rolls, whatever you call them in your part of the world)

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Make your own chicken stock

I only buy organic chicken which as you know can work out rather expensive, so I like to stretch it out a little bit further by using the final leftovers for stock. Homemade chicken stock is a real delight, not like those salty stock cubes you can buy in the shops.

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More left over beef ideas.

Ok I’m posting another left over beef meal because the first one has been really popular – its one of the most searched recipes on my site! So this dish is my take on a cottage pie but its a very ‘rich’ meal because of the dark chocolate and cream that I add. I use sweet potatoes as I love the sweetness but to keep costs down go half and half with white potatoes.

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