*Please note this post was originally published in February 2008

My hubby is working on our house.  We have had an en-suite and walk in wardrobe fitted.  They are coming along great, however there was a casualty during the building works… it was my ironing board 😦  Some bricks fell on it and smashed the leg off.

Right then, perfect opportunity to get a new one.  So I sat down with a cup of tea and my laptop and started surfing the net for the best ironing board I could find (hey hubby is paying for taking the life of my last one!)

So there I was, happily e-shopping when I happened upon a page of ironing presses.  Now I thought these things were just for launderettes and the like so I was about to click away again when a headline caught my eye.  “Do you wish you had more time to relax?”  Hmmm I thought to myself, that would be nice.  “Are you a busy person, always rushing around?”  Yes I am… they were talking to me!  I read the article, wanting to know more about this ‘relaxing time’ of which they spoke.

I got to the bit where they asked “would you like to cut your ironing time by half and have more time to yourself”  And I knew then that I needed an ironing press.  It showed a picture of a lady relaxing in a chair…. I wanted to relax in a chair! I am sure the lady was smoking a pipe, but the relaxing bit will do for me thanks!

So I was on a mission to get an ironing press that would change my life.  I looked at the prices and gasped.  I was looking at around £300 for a good one.  It put me off slightly but then I had visions of the lady relaxing (in her smoking jacket) and off to ebay I went.  I managed to get a press for around £45 so I was happy!

It arrived a couple of days later (don’t worry I’ve already left good feedback) and I set about realising my new stress free leisurely lifestyle.  I carefully ironed a t-shirt.  It only took two presses and it looked fab.  I was hooked!  I emptied the ironing basket in about half an hour but still hadn’t worn out the excitement I was feeling for my new toy.  I checked the kids bedrooms looking for stray items that desperately needed an ironing makeover…. nothing.

Ok then, there was only one thing to do, the beds would have to be stripped.  The heavy cotton sheets would be a real test for the new object of my affection.  So an hour and a half later the washing was done and I’d partly tumbled dried the sheets.  I set about folding the bedding into four layers… hey this ironing press is far too good to iron in single layers, its a quadruple miracle worker!  It did the bedding beautifully and before the end of the day we all had beds that wouldn’t look out of place in a five star hotel.  Not a crease in sight!

So, I know you all want to know if the adverts are right and I have loads of spare time?  No not at all, but my clothes look like they’ve just come out of the packets and  I can look at the freshly iron beds with a smile on my face and a sense of satisfaction in my belly… I’m sure some of you out there will understand