*Please note this post was originally posted in January 2008

The 7th January 2008. Just an ordinary day. There I was happily talking to my friends on my favourite forums when up popped an email… from Channel 5!

Now I’m just an ordinary person so my first thought was ‘Well I know my TV license is up to date’ I must have a guilty conscience!

The email was from a lady called Laura who said she was filming for a programme about money-saving and she’d seen my postings on soap making and homemade beauty products and wondered if she could have a chat with me. I gave her my phone number and she called me up. She asked what kind of things I do and I told her how I make my food from scratch and that I keep hens and generally try to find ways to improve my quality of life by living healthily.

I said that I found my skin was better as a consequence and I got satisfaction from knowing exactly what I’m putting in and on my body. She asked if I would like to appear on the show. Now my whole body was shaking at this point, so much so that I could hardly hold the receiver in my hands. My mind was screaming out ‘Have you lost your marbles, have you any idea how scary it is appearing on TV, say no you mad fool?!?!) but all that came out of my mouth was…. yeah sure!

So we fast forward to Friday at 9.30am and I have a camera crew on my doorstep!

The weather is very gloomy and the crew decide to film me outside with the hens first. This is a wise move as we hadn’t even finished filming when the heavens open. Its been raining for days and the ground is bog like so I’m slipping around trying my best to smile and look natural….. not so easy done when I’m wearing three coats and wellies big enough to fit my dad!

I demonstrate butter making next. The crew were amazed how easy it was to make. Ray the cameraman tasted it and declared it delightful.

Then we move onto flour making. I have a little granite stone flour mill and I mill wheat to make my own bread. (I shall tell you all about the mill in a later entry but for now I’ll carry on with the camera crew) I sort some wheat, looking through it for any dead bugs or grit. Then I mill it and show them a loaf that I made earlier…. ooh I sound like Delia!

Finally I made some body butter. I make lots of different sorts including ones that have cocoa butter in for stretch marks and a coconut one made with homemade coconut oil. The one I made for the programme was a simple Shea butter and jojoba oil. I whipped it up to a lovely creamy consistency and gave the freshly made butter to Laura from the team as she is a body butter fan and spends a fortune buying it in the shops.

I was just cleaning away my dishes when I noticed Ray the cameraman slathering the body butter on his arms. I was so pleased to see the team actually enjoying what I do and not seeing it as a job.

It turned out to be a lovely day and I’m thankful of the opportunity to do something like this. Since I lost my daughter I’ve been stuck in a time warp, not quite sure what I should be doing from day to day, but now I have a direction and the ideas are spilling out of my head at great speed. I have a desire to tell the world how to make things so I’m starting with this blog! I hope you are going to keep reading and hopefully pick up a few tips and recipes along the way…..