I made this wonderful banana bread in my Thermomix because its so easy to chop and beat up all the ingredients in one go but if you don’t have one that is fine too, just use your mixer or whatever you usually use to make your baking. I used to use my Kenwood Chef and just smoosh up the bananas with a fork. 

We do try and eat healthily but when we go out on a bike ride we tend to stop at a coffee shop and buy a drink and a not very healthy cream cake. So I started making banana bread that I could cut into portions, wrap in cling film and freeze for dragging out at short notice.  Hubby often grabs a piece on his way out to work and by the time hes feeling hungry, it will have defrosted and he can happily munch on it instead of paying a fortune for something full of additives at a service station.

Now this banana bread is quite a heavy satisying bread due to it being 100% wholegrain. I often eat it instead of breakfast to keep me going for a number of hours.  It is also not a hugely sweet bread. This is why I add dried sultanas to it. I’m trying to make it a healthy option. If you are looking for a fluffy ‘cake’ with white flour and sugar then this isn’t going to be what you need. That said, we absolutely love it and prefer it to a sugary option.

I have a little granite grain mill and I use that to grind the wheat grain but whole grain flour will work.

Recipe ingredients

110g butter
50g agave or honey.
2 large eggs
250g mashed up banana – that’s about three very black bananas.
A few big drops of vanilla extract – buy a good one if you can as it will last ages.
A good squeeze of fresh lemon
220g Wholegrain flour – freshly milled is fab if you can mill it yourself
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
pinch of salt – optional if using salted butter
a few sultanas for flavour and sweetness. 
About 8 walnut halves for throwing in the mix and a couple to decorate the top


Add the butter to the Thermomix and warm it up slightly on the 37c if it is a hard block. I just give it a minute at speed 2. 

Healthy wholegrain banana and walnut bread

Then add the agave/honey, eggs, banana, lemon and vanilla extract. Just dollop it all in and give it 20 seconds on speed 6. It comes out looking quite a mess but don’t worry. It will be fine once you add the dry ingredients.
Healthy wholegrain banana and walnut bread

Scrape the sides down and give it another whizz around if you think it needs it. 

Then add the dry ingredients – flour, bicarb, baking powder and salt if using.  I add these to the top of the liquids, pop the lid on the Thermomix and turn on at speed one.  I peep through the hole in the top and as soon as the dry ingredients are almost incorporated I stop the machine and finish off lightly mixing them with a spoon. Now is a good time to throw in the sultanas and walnuts so they dont get broken up by the sharp blades.

Healthy wholegrain banana and walnut bread

Gently transfer the mix to a baking tin. I like to use a loaf tin so I can cut it up into squares. Pop it into the oven for about 45 mins.  I turn the oven down to 165c for the last 15 mins so it doesn’t get too dark on the top.  I have a little stainless steel skewer that I insert into the centre of the bread and if it comes out clean it is done. 

Healthy wholegrain banana and walnut bread

Leave the banana bread in the pan for about 15 minutes until it is easier to handle then put it on a wire rack until completely cold.

Then slice it up and cling film it for the freezer. Be sure to leave some out to go with a nice cup of tea as a reward! Healthy wholegrain banana and walnut bread


If you want to make this in a food processor such as the Kenwood Chef then simply smoosh up your bananas good and mushy.  Then add all your wet ingredients to the mixer and beat for a minute or two. At this point add your dry ingredients and give the mixer a few slow turn just to incorporate.  You can also add the sultanas and walnuts at this time as there is no blade to break them up.