*Please note this post was originally posted in January 2008

For Christmas my daughter was given a well known brand of salt scrub. I know this product retails at around £9 so I looked at the ingredients listing and made my own jar.

Here are the ingredients I used:

  • A box of dead sea salt
  • Coconut oil. I made my own so I just needed one coconut
  • Jojoba oil. I buy organic by the litre which works out quite reasonable
  • Sweet almond oil (have a look at the oils section in your local supermarket)
  • A suitable jar or tub. I just used one of my recycled jam making jars

Don’t be put off if you cant find all the listed ingredients. I’ve made scrubs before with just dead sea salt and good old olive oil and it left my skin lovely and soft.

The scrub is very easy to make. Simply pour the salt into the jar. I fill it about 3/4 of the way up to make room for the oils. Then add your oils pouring on top until you can only just see the top of the salts. At this point you may like to add essential oils. I added lavender oil but remember you only need a few drops to make a difference.

Give it all a good stir round and use it to slough off dead skin cells whilst bathing. Scrubs can be made with a variety of ‘exfoliating’ ingredients such as sugar and ordinary salt. I tend to avoid sugar as it is quite hard and when magnified it has lots of jagged edges…. not really something I want to scrub my skin with.

Remember, you know every single ingredient that has gone into your scrub so you can be confident that there’s no unwanted chemicals floating about in it.

Once you’ve used the salt scrub on your skin. Take time to relax in the bath. Dead sea salts are packed full of minerals that are good for treating skin conditions. They can also bring about a great sense of relaxation so lock the door, light a few candles and take a bit of ‘me’ time. Its like having a mini spa at home for next to nothing!