*Please note this post was originally posted in February 2008

Hooray I’m back on the kefir. I managed to track down some grains so its cheers to good health again. I promise not to let these grains die but I did have a lot going on in my life before and they got put on the back burner of my life I’m afraid.

Anyway, once they arrived I gave them a little while in milk, just to get accustomed to their new home. I then rinsed them in water and left them for twenty four hours in plain water. I rinsed them again and set them off to their new life in organic milk.

The first few days always seem very slow as the grains acclimatise but after that they get on with the job of inoculating the milk for my breakfast.

The taste is very creamy, but with a sparkling edge to it. As I said before, its not my favourite drink but the taste isn’t so bad when you compare the benefits you can get from it. Kefir has far many more different strains of good bacteria in it than standard probiotic drinks. Plus it comes with the benefit of being free!

I cant stress enough how much these little grains seem to clear out the colon. They always seem to make me go to the toilet and they leave me with a ‘drained out’ feeling…. as though I’m completely empty. I feel lighter if you understand what I mean. Constipation has never been a problem for me but if it was, I would see kefir as a completely natural way to relieve it.

I also use kefir milk on my face as a face mask and in the bath as its very softening. Also it can be used in places where you would normally use yoghurt, such as in baking. I love kefir milk in my bread as it helps the yeast do its job and I get lovely high fluffy loaves.

Kefir milk ready for straining, you can see the kefir grains bobbing about on top.

Once you have your grains, you have a life times supply of kefir. Just look after it and store one of the baby grains in the freezer in case of emergency. As your kefir continues to grow and separate, give the babies to friends and before you know it everyone has a healthy gut!