Ok I’m posting another left over beef meal because the first one has been really popular – its one of the most searched recipes on my site!

So this dish is my take on a cottage pie but its a very ‘rich’ meal because of the dark chocolate and cream that I add.  I use sweet potatoes as I love the sweetness but to keep costs down go half and half with white potatoes.

Leftover beef joint
Tin of tomatoes
(I add this to help bulk it out a bit but it works fine without it)
Large onion
Couple of squares of good dark chocolate
Two or three sweet potatoes and a couple of white potatoes
Few tablespoons of cream
Butter/milk for creaming potatoes

Steam the potatoes, remembering that sweet potatoes don’t take quite as long as white ones.

Fry the onions.

Whizz the beef around in the processor or chop it up with a knife.  Don’t go overboard with the chopping as its nice to have  chunks of meat in the dish.   Add the beef and the tomatoes to the onions with a little stock or water.  Heat it up but remember it doesn’t need to cook again.  At this stage you could add other things such as a stock cube, bit of gravy mix etc.  Add in the dark chocolate and let melt into the beef.

Mash the potatoes together.   I find it easier to mash sweet potatoes with a potato ricer otherwise they can seem a bit stringy.  Add the milk, butter and the cream.

Pop the mash onto the beef and cook in the oven for approx 30 mins.

You really don’t need to put in the chocolate and cream but it makes the dish so rich that it doesn’t seem like a leftovers meal at all!

I served it with Carrots batons finished off in the oven to concentrate the flavour and sprouts steamed until just cooked and then tossed into a hot cast iron pan with a bit of butter, it gives them more of a crunchy edge.

Here’s a picture of what the pie looks like inside.

Sorry if the pictures are a bit messy, but its a week day meal for the family…  I bet Gordon Ramsay would wipe the dish before showing it