*Please note this post was originally posted in February 2008

Firstly, sorry if I’ve not replied to emails but I went to London to see the queen.  😉  Not really, I went to see Martin Lewis!


We went down there for the filming of It Pays To Watch.  We were lucky enough to get an invite after the crew came here to film me doing the homemade beauty stuff.

We had a fantastic day.  The team were really friendly and ‘normal’  I’ve heard of some shows where the audience are herded about like cattle but this was a million miles away from our experience… we loved it!

Martin Lewis was as lovely and enthusiastic in real life as he is on the TV.  My daughter thinks he is brilliant and she warned me that when they ask if anyone has any questions at the end that she was going to say ‘yes, Martin will you marry me’   I had a bit of a panic attack when the camera’s went to her but in the end she just asked a question about broadband internet…. phew!!