*Please note this post was originally posted in January 2008

Yesterday I went to the supermarket and managed to find an organic chicken reduced to just £4. I got some other bits as well including two pots of cream (for butter-making) and some pigs liver for 50p, a treat for the dogs. Did I tell you that my dogs only eat raw meat? Remind me and I’ll post on that later.

So yesterday’s dinner was roast chicken with Yorkshire puds (I’m a Yorkshire lass, we have puds with everything!) and loads of veg. I had quite a lot of chicken left so I chilled it in the fridge for making a meal tonight with. I popped the carcass and skin in my slow cooker with a few carrots, onions and a leek to make a stock. This freezes nicely and makes a good base for soups or chicken pie.

I had some leftover butter milk from my butter making so that was the base for my white sauce. I also had some mushrooms lounging about in the bottom of the fridge so dinner was sorted!

I made a chicken and mushroom lasagne.

Simply make up a white sauce. Fry up your mushrooms. Grate a bit of cheese for the top. I lined the dish with lasagne sheets and placed half the chicken and mushrooms on top. Pour on half the white sauce and then layer the rest of the ingredients on top, finishing off with the grated cheese.

Pop it in a hot oven for about half an hour and serve with a salad or to make it go further, peel a few potatoes and have it with home made chips.

I estimate that the lasagne worked out at about 60p per head. The family really enjoyed it… not bad to say I was just using up leftovers!